WordProof partners with VIDT Datalink to enable on- and offline verification of vintage watches

It is difficult to earn the trust of people in an age of distrust, especially when the products are susceptible to fraud. Amsterdam Vintage Watches is in the business of luxury watches and have been working with V-ID to anchor the authenticity of vintage watches on the blockchain. To further grow their trustworthiness and to prove the excellent reputation of Amsterdam Vintage Watches, V-ID has partnered with WordProof to make their online content verifiable as well.

V-ID for physical product validation

V-ID has experience in securing unique pieces by validating a work from Rembrandt. This project, in collaboration with CMS Law and Douwes Fine Art, caught the eye of the (international) media, including Elsevier magazine. Another project involved securing authentic prints from National Geographic’s award winning photographer Pim Volkers, and V-ID is working on a framework for authenticating diamonds as well.

WordProof for transparency and online verification of product information

Now, Amsterdam Vintage Watches takes it one step further by also anchoring their online content (product pages, legal documents and orders) on the blockchain. Because of this, customers can verify the online information presented to them. Amsterdam Vintage Watches takes accountability for their content and offers their customers transparency.

  • By timestamping legal documents, Amsterdam Vintage Watches takes accountability to their T&C and product terms. Both the customer and Amsterdam Vintage Watches have indisputable proof of the terms at the time of the transaction, tackling disputes before they have a chance to arise.

The VIDT Datalink Awareness Team is a group of enthusiasts that will help grow adoption of the VIDT Datalink tech: http://vidt-datalink.com