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As you might already know, the VIDT Datalink Tech enables organizations to protect their digital data against fraud and manipulation. A simple but strong formula, that adds and protects value at minimum expense and effort. Numerous organizations, like Airbus, AmSpec, LTO Network and IBM, use VIDT Datalink to certify and secure digital documents like certificates, invoices, diplomas and sensor-data.

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For validation purposes, each transaction from a wallet stands for the validation of a file from an identified customer. The token transactions are key to the identification and confirmation of the identity of the publishing party. A VIDT transaction is made which records all necessary details (hash of the file, timestamp, publisher’s wallet address etc.) every time an organization validates a file. The VIDT token used in the transaction will be deducted from the validating organization’s wallet.

VIDT Datalink introduces staking

Build your booster (optional)

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This is where it gets interesting. Since VIDT Datalink is married to LTO Network, we have developed a nifty staking booster mechanism that adds a booster of up to 75% more VIDT as reward if you also stake LTO 1:1!

On top of that, we provide the option to stake VIDTxETH Liquidity Pool Tokens, which earns you up to another 75% more VIDT as a reward! Tokens for both Uniswap (VIDTxETH) and JustLiquidity (VIDT/BNB) will be supported.

This makes it possible to build your booster of extra reward in VIDT to a maximum of 150%

The booster percentage is determined by the amount of LTO and/or LP tokens you hold relative to the amount of VIDT you have staked. Earning your booster is completely stepless, so no intermediate amounts are required. This means your booster can be anywhere between 0 and 150%, which you can track any time on your personal VIDT Staking Dashboard.

Your personal staking dashboard

Some examples of the staking and booster overview on the dashboard; A booster of 83% results in 83% more VIDT reward, a 150% booster results in 150% more VIDT as reward:

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VIDT Staking Dashboard (under development, subject to changes)

Multi-chain staking

To minimize transaction fees and make staking available to all VIDT holders, staking will be available on both Ethereum (ERC20) and Binance Smart Chain (BEP20). Converting to BEP20 is simple as you can withdraw BEP20 on Binance or use the bridge at All that is required, is the Metamask extension in your browser.

VIDT Staking starts in February!

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