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Below, in no particular order, the 10 most important VIDT Datalink projects for 2021! This roadmap is a live document that will be amended and expanded throughout the year. A very packed roadmap indeed, and without the additional support from our new LTO colleagues we wouldn’t know where to find the time.

1: Procentec gear up

The Lockbox platform is almost ready to launch as we are finalising the details with Procentec teams, hardware suppliers, software development teams, manufacturing plants, warehouses and other Procentec clients.

2: UN, LTO Network, VIDT Datalink and Afghan land registration project

We are making progress with all involved organisations, including the Afghan government. As revolutionary as this project is, we need to get it right at every step to convince existing stakeholders and ensure the desired goals in efficiency, useability and transparency. It is in many ways a case for blockchain based systems as a whole that we aim to roll out in other countries as well.

3: Trusted web with Wordproof

Being involved in the formation of guidelines and protocols for a more trustworthy internet as a whole is one our efforts to tackle our own mission “trust in business” from a wider angle. With our award winning partner Wordproof and Yoast we continue to gather momentum from all areas in our society, including typical non-tech spaces. Follow our progress here:

4: Argos-Mycenae File Authentication Manager

LTO Network and VIDT provide Files Authentication Manager to the City of Argos-Mycenae in Greece.

5: NFT, Stock certificates & Luxury goods

Firm24 already incorporated >25K Dutch Companies using their platform and is one of the leading online legal service providers in the NL. They will be the first Dutch organisation to use NFT tech for stock certificates.

In another collaboration with Amsterdam Vintage Watches, a 1956 Rolex Milgauss was the first watch to have both its authenticity secured and its provenance recorded on the blockchain. Together with multiple parties we are exploring more use cases for this exciting tech. Work in progress.

6: Navarik

Some of the world’s largest oil companies, including BP, Chevron, and ExxonMobil, employ Navarik’s software to manage the movement of oil globally, particularly to manage the process of inspecting cargoes during transfer operations.

By integrating V-ID’s blockchain powered certification in their products, Navarik makes all crucial data verifiable.

Starting with industry standard Navarik NI (Navarik Inspection), one of the products in their platform suite, V-ID’s integration roll out will continue through 2021.

7: IBM x Factorylab Sensor Scale-up

Through VIDT Datalink, sensor data is also used by IBM Watson to detect patterns and provide better insights. With more data, Watson’s AI can make more accurate predictions. These signals form the basis for suggested actions to improve for instance air quality and reduce energy usage.

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The sensor data is also verifiable, thanks to VIDT Datalink’s certification in the additional blockchains, like LTO Network, Ethereum and others. Together with IBM we are looking for ways to scale our blockchain verification solution on IBM’s Hyperledger and Watson AI in combination with regional sustainable initiatives.

8: VIDT Staking

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To reward loyal holders, VIDT Datalink introduces a rewarding staking program with boosters. More on staking:

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9: More marketing

With a new marketingmanager, a new promo video and a new VIDT Datalink website we are ready to scale things up!

10: BSC deployment & periodic batch anchoring

The dev team has been working on a faster and more affordable way to do 1 on 1 VIDT validations. Regarding the recent ETH developments we decided to speed things up!

🔥 Super fast VIDT 1 on 1 validations using $VIDT #BEP20 and $LTO

🔥Buyback & burn for $VIDT ERC20 and $VIDT BEP20

🔥VIDT Periodic Batch Anchoring on #BTC #ETH & other chains for extra security

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This Roadmap is alive!

Yes this is already a packed roadmap and without the additional support from our new LTO colleagues we wouldn’t know where to find the time. This roadmap is a live document that will be amended and expanded throughout the year with more information on our NEN facemask project, a new notary project and a potentially huge accountancy lead.

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