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To say the last few months have been eventful for VIDT is an understatement. While most previously planned milestones were rolling out nicely, we got some unexpected bumps in the form of the KuCoin hack. We turned this bump into a peak!

Running a startup always involves handling unexpected things, and as the details around the hack emerged, we were able to turn it into something positive with highly accelerated advancements. As it became clear that we needed to issue a new smart contract, we decided to upgrade the contract with some versatile features, among them everything we need to realise our ambitions with NFTs.

A big part of Q4 evolves around our new use cases with NFTs, authentication and data integrity, which falls perfectly in line with our existing certification activities. We are, however, seeing potential NFT related use cases that deviate a bit from the subject of certification into trading and commerce. These items will be added later to the current roadmap once the time and development stage is right.

Another upside of the KuCoin security incident was a strengthening of our relationships with our helpful partner projects, dev teams and exchanges, like Binance. On that note, let us look a bit closer at some highlights from the new Q4 roadmap.

Binance CEX listing

Possibly the most asked question in the crypto space has been answered. VIDT has been listed on the first tier one exchange!

Right in the middle of handling the KuCoin hack, an opportunity arose. The chance to grant this long held wish from our community, after the stressful days following the KuCoin incident, was too good not to grab with both hands. The whole VIDT team, as well as multiple teams from our network have worked day and night to not only make the listing happen, but also develop the bridge code from scratch, integrating BSC, re-distributing the new VIDT to thousands of wallets, issuing the new smart contract with NFT functionality and managing all communications in a matter of days, all the while running the day to day business without a hiccup. We hope these kinds of stints will not happen too much in the future, but it was magnificent to see what our people are capable of.

IOE expansion

Our project with IBM is currently scaling up massively with the addition of Corona Safety Indicators. These are very compact wireless sensors that can be placed in any space to monitor and report possible bad air quality that raises the risk of corona infections. By connecting the data from these sensors, IOE will be better equipped to detect patterns and create actionable insights and predictions with IBM Watson. Thanks in part to the wave of attention this got in mainstream media, the use of CSI sensors is increasing rapidly.

NFTs for Company Stocks

VIDT sees with NFTs the solutions to facilitate tokenization in a meaningful way.

Together with a well known legal firm, in this case not our existing partner CMS Law, we will present the use case for NFTs with Company Stocks somewhere in the coming weeks, and in typical VIDT style, the first real world organisation to utilise it.

More milestones

VIDT will present a third NFT use case later, Social Privileges, which is already touching the area of commerce and trade.

Furthermore, VIDT has new partnerships in the works, sales team expansions, more details from our partnership with the industrial hardware integrator, collaborations with WordProof and more.

Then there is this peculiar item called project “Shrimp”. This projects’ description currently reveals the least details of all the items on the roadmap, but is potentially one of the largest in scale to date for VIDT.

As is always the case, there are other things in the pipeline which can not be mentioned yet. The Q4 Roadmap will be updated with more details and more milestones when they materialise further and their NDAs are lifted.

About VIDT

VIDT Datalink is a blockchain-powered data validation platform. VIDT Datalink enables organizations to protect their digital data against fraud and manipulation. A simple but strong formula that adds and protects value at minimum expense and effort. Organizations like Nyenrode, AmSpec and IBM use VIDT Datalink to certify and secure digital documents like certificates, invoices, diplomas and sensor-data.

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