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The KuCoin hack has affected lots of organisations and thousands of community members but, apart from the necessity of a new smart contract, we see this as the perfect opportunity to fast-track some advanced features that we have been working on during the last months.

A quick update in the form of a mini roadmap! As you can imagine, everyone involved, developers and audit teams, are working around the clock with all these new smart contracts (4 in total) and snapshots being deployed. We are very confident in our action plan to come out of this better than ever.

Currently, we are working through a couple of important final stages, like the auditing of the BEP20 VIDT Datalink smart contract and the verification of the Snapshot files we received from various parties.

To make sure everyone gets their new VIDT Datalink tokens, in a level playing field, we are going to be as thorough as we can and drafted up this roadmap:

OCT 2: Smart contract paused, trading halted, validations continue on other chains.

OCT 4: Deployment new VIDT Datalink ERC20 smart contract, audits in progress, processing snapshots, updating internal systems

OCT 5:

  • Audits and testing BEP20 smart contract, start client wallets ERC20 validation and distribution, internal systems production ready (resume validations on Ethereum).
  • Deployment new VIDT Datalink BEP20 smart contract

OCT 6: VIDT ERC20 to BEP20 bridge live, with Trust Wallet and MetaMask compatibility

OCT 7: Snapshot audits done, snapshots verified, process validations backlog

OCT 8:

  • VIDT NFT Contract Audit (on both Ethereum and Binance smart chain)
  • ERC20 Token Distribution completed

OCT 9 @ 11:00 UTC+8: Trading, deposits and withdrawals on KuCoin resumed

Thank you for your continued support and patience, while the VIDT team and other dev teams, as well as the KuCoin, Binance, IDEX and Peckshield team, who have been very helpful and professional, are working to get everything running smoothly again.

At this point there is no action required for any token holder. All is looking good and apart from the delay we are looking at an incredible Q4 with:

  • release of the IBM, IOE scale-up (coming weekend)
  • a new project involving all shrimp-boats in the North Sea
  • expansion of our team and move to a new location
  • several new partnerships/projects within crypto and the corporate space
  • details of our unique B2B/B2C NFT approach, a gamechanger and a marketeer’s dream

Yours truly,

The VIDTeam

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