Introduction by Joshua Jenster, chairman VIDT Datalink Awareness Team

I’d like to start this publication off with reiterating what the Board is so all the new sets of eyes have a clear understanding:

The objective of this board is to advocate for the timestamping technology, blockchain and data integrity as a whole and help the integrators to generate new business and use-cases. We are a team of experienced professionals from different industries and with different, complementary, skill sets to achieve this.

We’ve had quite the journey so far with the VIDT Datalink Tech and had some great success testing several markets. Our integrators, like Procentec, Navarik and V-ID have signed many customers over the years. But as every business or technology evolves, new skills and different kinds of people are needed to take it to the next level. When it comes to VIDT Datalink we’ve come to this point. It is now time to bridge the chasm and scale. So for the VIDT Datalink tech, it is essentially business as usual, but better. With the expansion of the team, and with new energy — focus on the future.

The road ahead

For VIDT Datalink, the road ahead comes in three stages:

Stage 1 — Helping our integrators with scaling and upselling existing customers

The easiest route to gaining more traction is by upselling and upscaling existing customers. These parties already have our trust and integrated our tech and by working together with these parties we can not only generate more revenue, but also expand our technical value proposition. This in turn will help us achieve better results for step 2.

Stage 2 — Stimulating the upscaling of existing niches and markets

Step 2 is to expand in the niches and markets we are already in. This does not mean we abandon our efforts for step 1, this is something that we focus on in parallel. However, full effort for step 2 only starts when we are ready as a company. We are very close to this stage and are working hard behind the scenes to get it ready. The main goal of this step is to grow our client base on our own turf, our known terrority.

Stage 3 — Leveraging new niches and markets

When you’ve satisfied a certain niche, it is time to expand. New markets, new niches, and new industries. Reaching these new territories can be difficult and this is why companies usually take over other companies or find specific partners. We are currently not yet ready to take on a full focus to expand to new markets, but are already testing the waters and doing research as to which niche/market/industry is best to focus expansion on.

So to recap, we are working hard to expand and improve the foundation of all the organisations involved in VIDT Datalink. Sometimes this has the downside that it brings a lot of work which falls under an NDA and prevents us from sharing with the public. I’ve heard your concerns with our communication to the outside. We are doing plenty of marketing and outreach in the ‘business world’ which has had our focus since the beginning, but are now investing even more time on. This does NOT mean we are stagnating as a movement. It is actually the opposite, we are working with a clear focus.

With the rise of our efforts comes the need for more professionalism, which is another point I’d like to address.


I want to address something that is quite abstract but very important to us: professionalism. Customers using the VIDT Datalink tech expect to have a level of professionalism and they expect us to be able to provide certain things like trust, certainty and security. This also means that I, as the chairman, have to take this extremely seriously.

The whole team has been receiving an unbelievable amount of messages from community members with concerns, questions and sometimes less pleasant types of messages. We do appreciate all the people looking out for us, thinking with us, but anything else is unacceptable. Being this close to a founding team of a company is unique to the blockchain industry which has its upsides, but can be very difficult to balance when the focus is on the business, not the public face. So I want to be very clear that anything that hinders us from doing our work will be ignored. If you have concerns, take it up with the community admins and we can address it within these AMA’s. If that is not possible for you, then we will be forced to rethink how we interact with the community. To everyone sending us love, helping us find new customers and sharing positive insights: thank you, we appreciate it.

Proud member of the Dutch Blockchain Coalition

In the ‘business world’ professionalism is so important, that it can be a make it or break it for a deal. We use LinkedIn to reach our customers in a way they expect us to and have that level of professionalism you just don’t have yet on Telegram for example, or twitter even. This is why we separate these media to reach different types of people. A problem however arises when these get combined. For instance, V-ID had a very big customer (which we are not allowed to disclose the name of) reach out and raise concerns they have with the VIDT token. Mainly because they didn’t understand the utility value of it and see a price chart which scares them. Of course this is something V-ID can handle and have handled with the client after several audits, brainstorm sessions and panel discussions. Not a huge problem, but extremely time consuming. I am explaining this because they found out about it due to several token holders breaching this separation of media and ‘shilling’ the token on our professional outings on LinkedIn. I appreciate the gesture, and the enthusiasm that you have but LinkedIn is not the place for these types of messages. Helping us create buzz on LinkedIn takes a different type of language than it does on Twitter. Which is perfectly fine, and any help is good, but we have to be focused. As a community as well.

Don’t take this the wrong way, I am not punishing or being negative about the enthusiasm found in our community. I believe that being transparent is very important in moving forward as a company so we can do it together, even if that sometimes means sharing information on a topic that might be a little more difficult to talk about. Thanks everyone for understanding and if you have any questions regarding professionalism, let’s get the conversation going in the community.

Jolanda & Joshua at Ntegra European Technology Summit

How are the other board members doing?

Jolanda has had several sessions with medium to large organizations. Diplomas and certificates use-cases were discussed, but also the increase of transparency and accountability with the help of blockchain technology. The response was very positive, but the summer is typically not the period in which such projects are quickly closed due to vacations. It’s great to see how Jolanda finds more and more support and recommends VIDT Tech with such great enthusiasm. Many thanks for that Jolanda!

Our friends of crypto buddies, Petra and Dave have not been idle either and have held several awareness sessions in which they highlight the benefits but especially the risks of investing in crypto. Digibyte, Bitcoin, Cardano and VIDT are mainly discussed, we think it would be great to take a more active role in this. The world needs education — the awareness of cryptocurrencies and blockchain has only just begun and we believe in honesty and transparency so everyone understands what it means to invest and work with blockchain tech.

Dave and Petra (Cryptobuddies) in discussion with Rudy Bouwman (DigiByte Foundation)

Rudy Bouwman, instead of having a well deserved relaxing summer, has been working effortlessly on a new project, hopefully he can reveal more soon. Needlessly to say that Rudy really is one of the good guys of this space, very happy to have him on board and would be great if the community could support him in any way they can.

“How can I, as a community member, help to make this project an even bigger success?”

Please get the word out! We agree that what VIDT Datalink needs is more awareness. And you can help to spread the word and promote VIDT Datalink in a professional manner where you can.

The VIDT Datalink tech has beautiful promovideos, a great website, a great awareness team, the best memes and the best tokenomics. So tweet and tag influencers, exchanges, friends & foes and try to be kind and patient when you do it. The project is a success already but by working together, we can achieve an even greater success.

Onwards, and upwards,


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