We received a lot of questions regarding the AMA on Monday. Below are our answers on what we think are the most important ones.

Q: Is the VIDT token still needed?

A: Integrators like Navarik, Procentec and Verifyalldocuments use and will continue to use the VIDT token and VIDT Datalink tech to timestamp documents. As you might know, these companies do not want to concern themselves with managing cryptocurrencies, nodes and wallets: less hassle means more focus on the result. Integrators like these see VIDT Datalink as an easy to use, and easy to implement, blockchain technology service to make their documents verifiable.

Q: What is going on with the LTO x VIDT collaboration?

A: The collaboration with LTO was an attempt in good will to separate the crypto and the business worlds so focus could be maintained. Unfortunately, opinions differed about the correct approach and the proposed merging of the companies / projects proved to be more challenging than expected in terms of agreeing on strategy, marketing and funds.

Q: Is the old team still together?

A: VIDT’s success has always sprouted from real world usage by organisations. The original team has fully dedicated themselves to the actual business, non-crypto side, connecting and consulting publishers to the VIDT platform for their separate company V-ID (from now on https://verifyalldocuments.com). Marnix is no longer lead development but still available part-time as a strategic advisor for Verify All Documents.

Q: Who will do the marketing for VIDT Datalink?

A: We have decided to form a new team that will protect the interests of all the ecosystem stakeholders and that can share updates on VIDT Datalink and its integrators.

Long term goals for this team will be: helping to grow adoption of the VIDT Datalink technology, establishing decentralised governance and supporting data integrity in general.

We have already found a first awareness team member that will share VIDT Datalink announcements on Twitter, Telegram and the VIDT Datalink website on a regular basis … with this message being the first update.

Kindest regards,

VIDT Datalink Awareness Team

The VIDT Datalink Awareness Team is a group of enthusiasts that will help grow adoption of the VIDT Datalink tech: http://vidt-datalink.com