How the VIDT API, VIDT Private Cloud & VIDT Smart Contract will seamlessly anchor data from any publisher platform and cloud service to multiple blockchains

Being able to connect cloud services is a priority towards near endless connectivity possibilities of the VIDT platform. This enables any high-volume business platform to effortlessly certify large numbers of documents using the VIDT BSC Tech.

VIDT Datalink has the ability to integrate the IBM Cloud service into the data certification flow. Thanks to the VIDT API (sensor) data can be certified while going through the IBM Cloud. …

Introduction by Joshua Jenster, chairman VIDT Datalink Awareness Team

I’d like to start this publication off with reiterating what the Board is so all the new sets of eyes have a clear understanding:

The objective of this board is to advocate for the timestamping technology, blockchain and data integrity as a whole and help the integrators to generate new business and use-cases. We are a team of experienced professionals from different industries and with different, complementary, skill sets to achieve this.

We’ve had quite the journey so far with the VIDT Datalink Tech and had some great success testing several…

by Joshua Jenster, president VIDT Datalink Awareness Team

In an ever-growing digital world, trust becomes more scarce. Manipulation of people, data, and documents has never been as big of a problem as it is now. It is the mission of the VIDT Datalink tech to bring back trust to important and valuable documents; being able to do risk-free business. And as such, we are always looking to add new ways of trust and security to these documents so we keep getting closer to achieving our mission. An important aspect of adding trust and security to timestamping is the context. …

We received a lot of questions regarding the AMA on Monday. Below are our answers on what we think are the most important ones.

Q: Is the VIDT token still needed?

A: Integrators like Navarik, Procentec and Verifyalldocuments use and will continue to use the VIDT token and VIDT Datalink tech to timestamp documents. As you might know, these companies do not want to concern themselves with managing cryptocurrencies, nodes and wallets: less hassle means more focus on the result. …

Below, in no particular order, the most important VIDT Datalink updates for 2021! This roadmap is a live document that will be amended and expanded throughout the year.

Procentec has decided to gear up

The Lockbox platform is ready to launch as we are finalising the details with Procentec teams, hardware suppliers, software development teams, manufacturing plants, warehouses and other Procentec clients.

Trusted web with Wordproof

Being involved in the formation of guidelines and protocols for a more trustworthy internet as a whole is one our efforts to tackle our own mission “trust in business” from a wider angle. With our award winning partner Wordproof and Yoast…

It was just announced that VIDT Datalink integrator V-ID has won the prestigious Dutch Blockchain Award in the category Enterprise Solution Award. This contest was established by the Blockchain Netherlands Foundation (BCNL) together with Computable.

Joshua Jenster at the ceremony

Joshua Jenster (V-ID): “We are extremely proud of the outcome as we stood amidst other amazing organizations. This result could not have been possible without the amazing support of everyone believing in VIDT like our partners, our wonderful users, the supportive community and all the ambassadors. Last we would like to sincerely thank everyone who voted for us.”

VIDT’s mission is to secure authenticity through data integrity, thereby providing the fundamental checks needed for our rapidly digitising world to function properly. The link with physical objects already launched in spectacular fashion with the first Rembrandt art secured on the blockchain. In the world of art and collectibles, provenance is a big part of authentication. This is where NFTs fit perfectly to tackle this challenge. >What is a non fungible token?

In typical VIDT style, this NFT use case starts with a remarkable example. In another collaboration with Amsterdam Vintage Watches, a 1956 Rolex Milgauss is the first…

When products and documents are susceptible to fraud, trust is the most valuable factor. The VIDT Datalink Blockchain Powered Validation Service is designed to protect digital data against fraud and manipulation. The VIDT team decided to take it one step further, by issuing NFTs to serve as proof of legal ownership.

VIDT Datalink for physical product validation

VIDT Datalink already has extensive experience in protecting digital documents like certificates, diplomas and sensor data. Now, they take the step into the physical world by securing unique pieces of art, vintage watches and photographs. …

The Corona Safety Indicator, which gained much traction in this week in Dutch media like De Telegraaf, reduces risk of COVID-19 in badly ventilated spaces. It also is the ideal addition to help with IOE’s goal of analysing environmental data from a fine grid of measurement points.

Live air quality reports for anyone

The Corona Safety Indicator measures the air quality in a room using carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature and humidity. By scanning the QR code, everyone can gain insight into the current air quality in the office or in a shop, school or waiting room.

VIDT Datalink Awareness Team

The VIDT Datalink Awareness Team is a group of enthusiasts that will help grow adoption of the VIDT Datalink tech:

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