Introduction by Joshua Jenster, chairman VIDT Datalink Awareness Team

I’d like to start this publication off with reiterating what the Board is so all the new sets of eyes have a clear understanding:

The objective of this board is to advocate for the timestamping technology, blockchain and data integrity as…

by Joshua Jenster, president VIDT Datalink Awareness Team

In an ever-growing digital world, trust becomes more scarce. Manipulation of people, data, and documents has never been as big of a problem as it is now. It is the mission of the VIDT Datalink tech to bring back trust to important…

Below, in no particular order, the most important VIDT Datalink updates for 2021! This roadmap is a live document that will be amended and expanded throughout the year.

Procentec has decided to gear up

The Lockbox platform is ready to launch as we are finalising the details with Procentec teams, hardware suppliers, software development teams…

It was just announced that VIDT Datalink integrator V-ID has won the prestigious Dutch Blockchain Award in the category Enterprise Solution Award. This contest was established by the Blockchain Netherlands Foundation (BCNL) together with Computable.

Joshua Jenster at the ceremony

Joshua Jenster (V-ID): “We are extremely proud of the outcome as we stood amidst other…

VIDT Datalink Awareness Team

The VIDT Datalink Awareness Team is a group of enthusiasts that will help grow adoption of the VIDT Datalink tech:

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